Massive Nights {EP}

by Exes

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released 10 October 2014



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Exes Los Angeles, California

Birthed in a bedroom studio after a lifetime of screaming the choruses "El Scorcho" and "Your Little Hoodrat Friend", Exes is an L.A.based rock band that thrives on honesty. Their shows are brutal and the music is lightning, but the message at the core of each finely tuned lyric is a testament of the band's knack for the authenticity it strives so hard for.


It's a thing.
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Track Name: Marshall
It looks like I'm speaking in tongues
When I am texting you drunk
"God knows what the hell you meant"
When you said that I just laughed
But I got the double meaning behind it
God knows what the hell I meant

And I may have told Coco
That I met someone you don't know
Just so you'd hear about it
"She's so hot, she's so great
She sing and we made out while listening to all my friends"
I wanted her to tell all your friends.

Well, I'm sorry I called you a bitch to your back
Though now I guess I called you one to your face
So, yet again, I'm sorry for saying that
But it's hard to think when all I can do is blame


Well, I traded my v-card for a Charizard, first edition
and you said "I'm surprised it's still in print"
How we laid there in quiet till you broke the silence
"Are you okay with what we did?"
Well I just shrugged and we did it again

I'm sitting here and I'm watching How I Met Your Mother
I think you can probably guess what's on my mind
I'd confess my love in a video and put it on youtube
If I thought it would work a second time


One more time . .
"I want you to know this has not been easy on me,"
She breathed through the phone. "I've had a hard time too." (you're not the only one!)
I'm sorry but that's hard for me to believe
When we've been broken up for six months
And for six months he's been with

Track Name: Ex's
I had my first girl when I was about 15
Even though I was a dick
She was great to me
I cheated on her 3 times that she knows
But for everyone 1 of those
There are 3 she don't

And then my second girl was as crazy as can be
On our second date she told me she loved me
Well I just shut my mouth
I gave her no reply
Cause if she'd get me off I don't need a reason why

And they all say there's a hole in the heart of man
I say man has no heart at all
If Jesus came to wash away our sins
Well . . can you wash away what you're drowning in?

Now my newest ex doesn't know this is in this song
You see, I wrote her a happy verse
But now I know that's wrong
So to her and that dude she's with
Screw you and screw him
But the problem is I know
That you already did

And they all say there's a hole in the heart of Sam
I say Sam has no heart at all
If Jesus came to wash away our sins
Well . . can you wash away what you're drowning in?
Track Name: The South Will Rise Again
You said, "Meet me in Chicago at the end of the summer."
My heart and my friends said I told you so when you never showed
Then you ditched me up in Brooklyn when you finally grew a conscious
You left me alone in your boyfriend's bed
I bet he still doesn't know

Well you should probably go and check that journal
That you left in your dresser drawer
Cause there's a note I left on the back page for him
"you can do so much better than her"

'You and me are meant to be.'

Then you came to L.A. with that dude who's almost 40
I don't care how much you think he'll get along with me
So say I drove you to drinking (Go ahead!)
And next time that you're drinking
I sincerely hope you'll be driving

You are not a southern belle, you are from Deltona
For shit sake, you're not indie
You're just like every girl I've ever known from Flordia
Which is still not the South to me

'You and me are meant to be.'

So threaten me with Nashville,
But if you step to my city
I swear I'll tell every boy you date
I'm not 'just a friend'
Cause the truth is I am the South
And you're just Arizona
You're a state I'll never want to find myself in.

'You and me are meant to be.'
You say, 'you and me are meant to be.'

Well, the south will rise again.
I will always rise again.